Helping brands drive digital growth through marketing technology and strategy

AB180 focuses on providing the best-in-class mar-tech solutions for brands to achieve data-driven product growth in user acquisition, conversion, and retention.

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Industry-leading enterprises across all verticals rely on AB180's mar-tech solutions for growth

4 of the Top 10 companies in the Korean fashion industry
3 of the Top 10 companies in the Korean e-commerce industry
The Top 1 & 2 fintech companies in Korea

Full-suite consulting support for successful digital transformation

Organizations struggle with successful digital transformation due to the lack of unified expertise in growth hacking, product planning, data, engineering, and marketing. AB180's consulting focuses on data strategy, solutions onboarding, campaign planning & execution, and success enablement to help brands simplify and accelerate their digital transformation.

Data Strategy
A deep study of your organization's data collection, analysis, and utilization practices will be done to highlight the obstacles inhibiting your brand's growth.
Solution Offering
Based on the diagnosed problems, we offer cutting-edge marketing technologies for better utilization of your data for customer acquistion, conversion, and retention.
Solutions Onboarding
Technical expertise will be provided to help bootstrap your organization's readiness in using marketing technology solutions.
Success Enablement
Be empowered with the latest trends and knowledge neccesary to achieve business growth with continuous customer success support and training.

Customer Success: 8 Step Methodology

Kick-off Session
Understand your business KPIs and digital marketing goals.
Taxonomy Construction Session
Establish data collection strategies for the most useful data.
Product 101 Session
Product lectures and walkthroughs for basic knowledge.
Technical 101 Session
On-site installation support with your SDK engineers and developers.
Advanced Workshop
Tailored consulting to derive deeper insights through advanced features and analytics.
Hand-off Session
Execute growth-hacking marketing campaigns better with the help of dedicated solutions experts, data engineers, and marketing veterans.
Business Review
Regular business check-ins to suggest new action items and improvement measures to maximise the utilization of the mar-tech solutions.
Regular Training Session
Seminars and training sessions to share the latest use-cases and industry best-practices.

The Expertise You Need,
The Expertise You Keep

We are a collective of mar-tech experts, ad-tech experts, growth hackers, data engineers, and seasoned marketers from established brands with hands-on experience in driving successful marketing performance.


30 under 30

Awarded 2020 Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia: Media, Marketing & Advertising.


Amplitude Certified Partner

AB180 has the highest number of certified Amplitude specialists in Asia.

Roi Nam
An awarded engineer and entrepreneur, his value is his vast experience and industry knowledge after providing consulting related services to over 300+ companies. Awarded 2020 Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia.
Facebook Certified Marketing Developer
Tony Byun
VP of Solutions Consulting
As the former CTO of 10x10, one of Korea's fast rising offline and online commerce company, Tony successfully growth hacked 10x10 by using Amplitude for deeper analysis of customer behaviours and converted these insights into growth hacking strategies.
Amplitude Certified Instrumentation Expert
Amplitude Certified insight Expert
Alan Ahn
Customer Success Lead
A former Product Manager at Purple Friends, a media advertising firm, Alan leads customer success and strategy planning to help clients through the full spectrum of marketing technologies.
Amplitude Certified insight Expert
Emily Park
Customer Success Manager
Marketing Automation and Campaign Specialist
Amplitude Certified insight Expert
Mingyu Jeong
Customer Success Manager
Digital Marketing Specialist
Amplitude Certified Instrumentation Expert
Amplitude Certified insight Expert
Peter Kim
Customer Success Manager
Ad-Tech Specialist
Amplitude Certified insight Expert
Hyeil Shin
Customer Success Manager
Ad-Tech Specialist
Amplitude Certified insight Expert
Sojeen Park
Customer Success Manager
Mobile Ad Specialist
Amplitude Certified insight Expert
Taehee Kim
Customer Success Manager
Mobile App Marketing Specialist
Amplitude Certified insight Expert
Hyunseok Cho
Solutions Architect
Solutions Engineering Specialist
Amplitude Certified insight Expert
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