Web & App Integrated Attribution and Measurement

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Omni-Channel Campaign Performance Analysis

Analyze customer acquisition inflows from various marketing channels and campaign creatives to your web or mobile application in real-time to optimize future campaigns.

People-Based Attribution

Unify fragmented identities across multiple devices and platforms into a single people-based identity for more accurate attribution.

Unified Web & App Performance Analysis

Airbridge's SDKs allow you to collect data from both websites and mobile applications, and unify the data into one dashboard for analysis.

Deep Links and Deferred Deep Links

Deep links and deferred deep links to deliver users to specific in-app contents when conducting retargeting campaigns. Deferred deep links offer users a seamless experience by bringing them to a specific in-app content after installing the app.

Ad Fraud Detection & Protection

Customizable detection parameters equipped with validation rules to remove fraudulent traffic for genuine measurement.
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