Web & App Integrated Attribution and Measurement

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Airbridge is

Airbridge is a people-based, multi-touch attribution, and web+app integrated measurement solution helping marketers measure the true sources of their growth and confidently optimize their marketing campaigns.

Bridging Fragmented Measurement: Measure all marketing channels
Optimize marketing ROI by measuring paid, owned, and earned media channels' performance with Airbridge.
People-based Attribution: Measure customers, not cookies.
Airbridge’s identity resolution engine unifies fragmented customer identities across devices, platforms, and channels.
Beyond Measurement: Discover more from data
Fully customizable reports, customizable log data export, external SaaS tool integrations, deep linking optimized for mobile, and more!

Incrementality & Multi-Touch Attribution Analytics

Last touch attribution barely touches the surface. Correctly account for the true sources of growth by understanding the true impact of your advertisements and campaigns in influencing a conversion.

Raw Data Export & External Integrations

All data collected by Airbridge can be easily customized for export via the Raw Data Export. In addition, through integrations with Data Warehousing platforms such as AWS S3, GCP, MS Azure, data can be stored and utilized for further analysis.

Unified Campaign Measurement: Web & App and Web-to-App Attribution

There is no need to use separate solutions for each platform. Instead, Airbridge's Web and App SDK enables you to collect data from both Web & App and analyze the data on a single dashboard; Airbridge also tracks all user paths from Web-to-App and to App-to-App.

Deep Links and Deferred Deep Links

Deep links and deferred deep links to deliver users to specific in-app contents when conducting retargeting campaigns. Deferred deep links offer users a seamless experience by bringing them to a specific in-app content after installing the app.

Ad Fraud Detection & Protection

Customizable detection parameters equipped with validation rules to remove fraudulent traffic for genuine measurement.
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