Marketing Automation and Customer Lifecycle Engagement

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Braze is

Braze is the world's leading marketing automation and customer lifecycle engagement platform that allows you to divide your customers into different segments and deliver highly personalized messages that span across channels, platforms, and devices.

Braze, 2020년 3분기 Forrester가 선정한 Mobile Engagement Automation 분야 Leaders선정!
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CRM Automation

You can automatically collect and manage customer profile data as well as behavioral data. Automated customer management is possible based on the collected customer data.

Personalized Cross-channel Messaging

You can send personalized messages using various messaging channels such as push messages, in-app messages, emails, and SMS. Through Braze, you can communicate with customers with a human touch and your branding for more personalized engagement.

Campaign Orchestration

Create multiple sophisticated campaigns through Canvas to automate tailored messages according to the customer's lifecycle journey.

Prediction Suite

With Predictive Churn, you can define what churn means for your business (Churn Definition) as well as the users you’d like to prevent from churning (Prediction Audience). When you create a Prediction, Braze trains a machine learning model to identify users at risk of churn by learning from activity patterns of past users who did and did not churn according to your definition.

Intelligence Suite

Braze’s Intelligence Suite helps you automate decision-making with data-based insights. From delivery time to multivariate testing, any brand can use these tools and features to create dynamic, cross-channel experiences that optimize at scale.
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