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30 under 30

Awarded 2020 Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia: Media, Marketing & Advertising.


Amplitude Certified Partner

AB180 has the highest number of certified Amplitude specialists in Asia.

Roi Nam
An awarded engineer and entrepreneur, his value is his vast experience and industry knowledge after providing consulting related services to over 300+ companies. Awarded 2020 Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia.
Facebook Certified Marketing Developer
Tony Byun
VP of Solutions Consulting
As the former CTO of 10x10, one of Korea's fast rising offline and online commerce company, Tony successfully growth hacked 10x10 by using Amplitude for deeper analysis of customer behaviours and converted these insights into growth hacking strategies.
Amplitude Certified Instrumentation Expert
Amplitude Certified insight Expert
Alan Ahn
Customer Success Lead
A former Product Manager at Purple Friends, a media advertising firm, Alan leads customer success and strategy planning to help clients through the full spectrum of marketing technologies.
Amplitude Certified insight Expert
Naeun Kim
Chief Operations Officer
Wonkyung Lyu
Chief Information Security Officer
Hunjae Jung
Chief Technology Officer
Yongchoul Han
Chief Product Officer
Lee-On Ong
Chief Strategy Officer
Hyojun Kim
Data R&D Engineer
Chanhee Lee
Software Engineer
Yunseop Song
Software Engineer
Jinwook Jo
QA Engineer
Juhong Jung
Back-End Engineer Lead
Jaemoon Lee
Marketing Team Lead
Hyungmin Kim
Brand Designer
Byeongsu Hong
Software Engineer
Soyeong Yang
UI Designer
Mingyu Jo
Software Engineer
Donghyeon Go
Software Engineer
Hyeonbeom Im
Software Engineer
Jaewon Kim
Software Engineer
Sangbin Ham
Business Development Lead
Subeom Choi
SDK Engineer
Jiyoon Yang
UX Designer
Youngmin Shin
Software Engineer
Jaeheung Kim
Customer Success Manager
Geon Kim
Software Engineer
Minji Kim
Team Manager
Haejeong Park
Customer Success Part Lead
Mingyu Jeong
Customer Success Part Lead
Chanhwan Choi
Software Engineer
Jeonghyeock Kim
Software Engineer
Geon Son
Software Engineer
Seunghwan Jang
UX Designer
Wontak Kim
Software Engineer
Hyuksoon Choi
Account Executive
Hyeongwook Bang
Information Security Manager
Wonkyun Lim
Software Engineer
Hyeil Shin
Customer Success Manager
Sojeen Park
Customer Success Manager
Hyunseok Cho
Solution Architect
Yangyoun Kim
UX Designer
Taehee Kim
Customer Success Manager
Sungwon Hong
Sales Development Representative
Minji Kim
Finance Manager
Jenny Shin
Partnership Development Manager
Hyejin Joh
Performance Marketer
Joonki Jin
Front-End Software Engineer
Junyoung Yang
Customer Success Manager
Jungmook Youn
Marketing Data Consultant
Jeongah Lee
Platform Specialist
Hayoung Jeong
UX Designer
Hojun Lim
Back-End Engineer
Dohyeon Kim
Back-end Engineer
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